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2010-08-30 22:02:40 by misterchees0

I would like to thank Tom, Wade and the forum mods for this! Thank you all! I will do the best I can to clean these forums up once and for all!

P.s: All of the above (And below) is bullshit.


Permaban Arclantic. NAO >:C

2009-11-28 19:30:16 by misterchees0

I need at least 1000 people to vote. I'll be updating this when I can, so people, please come vote. I want to see that fucktard banned from the face of newgrounds.

1st: Being all around stupid.
2nd: Thinking he's better than everyone.
3rd: He's either a troll or a nine year old.
4th: He can't take advice.
5th: Not only can he NOT take advice, he tries to give it to other people and when they think it's shitty he goes on a rant.
6th: He thinks he's better than everybody at everything.
7th: He acts like gaming is everything. EVERYTHING.
8th: He has the most shittiest reasons for explaining his failure
9th: Please take a look at his Post History, my point should become clear after that.

GOAL: 1000 >:D - Full credit will be given out (E.G Linked Username)

1- Misterchees0
2- LemonSourKid
3- KeysToTheEarth
4- DaboyzofWexford
5- Madnessfan01
6- PrinceFlea
7- Wcatdoor
8- Mattuiop
9- Data662
11- Zanuha
12- BasementBeginnings
13- Accidents
14- blizz70
15- HighWayStar365
16- Asrom
17- KirtTheGreat
18- rorypearce94
19- giveupyourwaffles
20- nohomo
21- guest8792


2009-09-19 11:23:06 by misterchees0


I've been wondering how many people visit my profile!
Just to see,
Leave a message.

Any message at all.

I just want some friends, you know? :(

Alright guise, I'll chat with you later, i've got to go shovel some dirt.