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2009-09-19 11:23:06 by misterchees0


I've been wondering how many people visit my profile!
Just to see,
Leave a message.

Any message at all.

I just want some friends, you know? :(

Alright guise, I'll chat with you later, i've got to go shovel some dirt.



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2009-09-19 11:29:28

God's anal juices will devour us alive.

misterchees0 responds:

Yes, Yes they will.


2009-09-19 11:53:09


misterchees0 responds:




2009-09-28 23:06:32

I visited, your post is tidy.

(Updated ) misterchees0 responds:


no it isn-


2009-11-05 18:43:02

YOUR PROFILE PICTURE OFFENDED MEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111!!!!11!1!!!1!

(Updated ) misterchees0 responds:


They're the awesom-est tits in the world.

Unless you're gay, you should be thanking me. >:C


2009-11-05 18:52:36

youre dumb

misterchees0 responds:

Eh, is that towards me, Punk? >:C


2009-11-05 18:52:53

and your profile picture brakes rules

misterchees0 responds:



2009-11-08 00:28:07

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misterchees0 responds:

Lawl. >.>

That was YOU?


2009-11-19 19:36:56

dont you have to go see your botfriend keystothearth

misterchees0 responds:

Oh right. Lol.



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